Professional Laser Hair Removal

Professional Laser Hair Removal in Reno Nevada


Smooth, hair-free skin is the easiest way to feel sleek and sexy. Aesthetics MedSpa offers extraordinary Professional Hair Removal Reno, Nevada. Every member of our staff has a great deal of professional hair removal experience to provide you with the best hair removal service in Reno, Nevada. Aesthetics MedSpa can get you the silky smooth skin you dream of through professional hair removal services that are safe and effective.



Laser Hair Removal is one of the most popular aesthetic treatments because of the convenience and the amazing results. Laser Hair Removal at Aesthetics MedSpa in Reno, Nevada will erase unwanted facial and body hair in just a few treatments. The procedure involves light pulses that are absorbed by the melanin in hair; the resulting heat then damages and destroys the follicle holding on to the hair. Laser Hair Removal is not recommended for those with white, grey, or blonde hair; the darker the hair, the more melanin it contains leading to a more effective treatment. Aesthetics MedSpa guarantees that their Laser Hair Removal procedures are safe, skin-friendly and give incredible results.





Small Areas

Starting at $99

Lip, Chin, Toes, etc.

Medium Areas

Starting at $175

Underarms, Neck etc.

Large Areas

Starting at $249

Legs, Back, Brazillian etc.

Laser hair reduction is not recommended for everyone, the darker the hair, the more melanin it contains. If hair is lighter than the surrounding skin, the skin will absorb more heat than the hair. Therefore a person with blonde hair is the wrong candidate for laser hair removal while a fair person with dark hair is the ideal patient.