UltraShape Body Contouring

UltraShape® is the first and only FDA-cleared, non-invasive body-shaping procedure to use focused, pulsed ultrasound energy to selectively destroy fat cells. Unlike liposuction, UltraShape is nonsurgical, which means no incisions, no anesthetics and no recovery time. And unlike other fat-reduction procedures that use heat or freeze fat, UltraShape is virtually painless and leaves no unwanted signs of treatment. That means you can have your appointment with one of Aesthetics MedSpa’s medical professionals and then head straight to your yoga class or whatever the rest of your day has in store for you!

UltraShape’s gentle ultrasound energy destroys the walls of fat cells in your body and releases that fat in the form of triglycerides. Those are then processed through the liver and eliminated from the body naturally. Meanwhile, the surrounding tissue, nerves, and muscles are left completely unharmed.

Aesthetics MedSpa medical professionals can help you determine the exact treatment area, a specially designed belt will be wrapped around your abdomen and a soothing gel will be applied to your skin. Your Aesthetics MedSpa medical professional will glide the Ultrashape transducer over the treatment area, gently delivering virtually painless ultrasound pulses. Treatments take an hour or less, so sit back and take it easy as Aesthetics MedSpa and UltraShape take care of you!

  • Body Shaping
  • Fat Layer Reduction

  • Treat Both Large and Small Areas

  • Virtually Painless

  • No Downtime

  • Permanent Results in 3 Treatments

  • Lose 2-6 Inches

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