What are Platysmal Bands?

Many people have very visible and prominent platsymal bands in their neck, especially when they talk. These often pave the way for that “turkey gobbler” look. Platysmal bands are caused by aging and thickening of some of the neck muscles that run up the front left and right sides of your neck mid-line, all the way to your chin. These muscles actually pull down on your neck and jawline. Botox can help to stop this downward pull.

neck lift 

What should I expect?

The session will begin by cleaning your neck and then marking out the injection points along each neck band. Botox is typically injected every 1.5 cm along the band, with each point getting a few units. This ends up being bout 4-6 injections per band. On average, it takes about 20-25 units per band. Botox will decrease the contraction and visibility of the bands. This will give your neck a much more youthful and smooth appearance. Relaxing the bands in the neck can also slightly reduce lines in the lower portion of the face while also helping define the jawline.


Am I a good candidate?

The best candidate for this treatment is someone who is bothered by his or her vertical neck bands and wants to keep their neck area looking ageless, along with their face. This process is not meant to tighten any lax skin on your neck or get rid of any excess skin or fat.


Improving the appearance of the neck is critically important in facial rejuvenation. As we get older, neck bands form, skin looseness increases, and lines in the neck become accentuated, creating an aged appearance.


How often will I need this treatment?

Just like treatment with Botox on any other part of your body, Botox will need to be repeated about every 3 months, until the involved muscles are sufficiently weak. After that, the patient can be placed on a maintenance program of Botox with fewer injections. This simple approach to correct platysma bands is often all someone needs and it helps to avoid any operation in this area.


What is the aftercare like?

Like with other botulinum toxin treatments, it is suggested that you do not massage or put pressure over areas of injection for the next few days. You should avoid excessive heat or cold and avoid vigorous exercise for 24 hours following the treatment. If bruising occurs, oral & topical Arnica can help. Do not receive facials, waxing, or laser for 2 weeks post treatment. It will take up to 2 weeks to see the full effects.