What Is Ultrashape Power?

Ultra-Shape ® Power is the first FDA approved non-surgical treatment cleared for non-invasive fat reduction in abdominal circumference, flanks, and other areas, such as the abdomen and outer thighs; it can be used to reduce fat in the tummy, hips, and arms – and even male chests.  As Ultra shape is used for subcutaneous fat reduction in both small and large areas

The treatment that quickly and gently destroys fat cells using the most up-to-date focused ultrasound technology giving fast, permanent results.

Better than any non-invasive treatment on the market to date, patients report visible results as early as two weeks after the first treatment!  The Ultra shape Power is a Painless, No Downtime treatment.

Ideal for people with stubborn fat or genetically acquired problem areas that maintain a healthy lifestyle with diet and exercise.

How does Ultrashape Power work?

Ultra-shape works “By producing very rapid fluctuations in pressure, bubbles are formed in this liquid, and these lead to disruption of the fat cell walls, leading to fat cell death,” “The frequency and intensity of the ultrasound is calibrated to only affect the fat cells, leaving nerves, veins, arteries and muscles unaffected.”

Ultra-shape as a device that helps to break down fat deposits using energy from focused ultrasound.

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After the treatment is complete, the fat is released from the ruptured fat cells and they are cleared out by the body’s natural elimination mechanisms. “The patients are instructed to resume normal activities, drink water to flush out the fat, and avoid alcohol which can slow down the elimination of the fat,”

“Healthy diet and exercise is especially important during this process to avoid reabsorbing the fat that was released.”

Is Ultrashape Power Effective?

Ultra-shape Power is effective in reducing the fat deposits by about 32% in studies. “When we researched, Ultra shape Power over cool sculpting – the results are more natural and smooth and various other benefits.”

Comparing different body shaping devices includes a chart that compares Ultra shape and cool sculpting. Those who underwent Ultra shape showed a 32% fat reduction, compared to a 20 to 25% fat reduction with cool sculpting. The discomfort level for Ultra shape was “none,” compared to “possible bruising, swelling or tenderness up to 8 weeks” for Cool sculpting. There were no side effects noted in any of the patients, and pain levels during and after the treatment were near zero.”

Ideal for people with stubborn fat or genetically acquired problem areas that maintain a healthy lifestyle with diet and exercise.

Is Ultrashape Power safe?

Ultra Shape Power demonstrated a positive safety profile, with no adverse events, according to the Food and Drug Administration’s report on Syneron’s Ultra Shape Power System.

Additional safety data from a prospective clinical study of 21 patients further confirm the safety profile of the device. Subjects underwent 3 treatment sessions each 2 weeks apart; follow-up visits occurred at 2, 4, 8 and 12 weeks after the last treatment visit.

During an Ultrashape Power Treatment

The patient lies on a treatment table and the area of fat is covered with a water-based ultrasound gel. The ultrasound transducer is placed on the skin, and using a computer-generated treatment grid, the area is covered completely with painless pulses of gentle ultrasound.

There is no pain felt with the treatment. After the appropriate numbers of ultrasound pulses are delivered, the treatment is completed and the patient is ready to go back to their normal level of activity with absolutely no restrictions.

There are no garments to wear, there is no pain, and there are no signs of treatment. The patient is scheduled to return back for another treatment in two weeks, and another one two weeks after that. Finally, after about four weeks of the last treatment, the patient is back for their evaluation and photographs.

With this treatment protocol, most patients experience about 32% reduction in the fat deposits in the area treated. The treatment may be repeated to reduce the fat content even more. 

Side Effects of Ultrashape Power

The patients who undergo the treatment should not be pregnant or breastfeeding and should not have any significant liver problems. This procedure is considered “entirely non-invasive and perfectly safe” – and during and after the procedure, patients will usually suffer no pain.

During the procedure, some patients have reported a tingling sensation, “but nothing too bothersome to be handled by them,” Others have reported in-office some mild discomfort after treatment, or slight skin redness. Reports of skin irritation and bruising are far less frequently reported – and usually, without needing any additional medication, these symptoms tend to disappear in one or two days.