LED Light Therapy Skin Care Treatments

LED Light Therapy skin treatments performed by experienced Aesthetics MedSpa professionals uses clinically proven UV-free LED light to boost collagen production, fight signs of aging and treat acne. LED Light Therapy soothes and revitalizes skin by stimulating cellular renewal response from deep in the tissue. Aesthetics MedSpa’s LED Light Therapy skin treatments are non-invasive and painless, but deliver amazing results. With several treatments, you will have noticeably smoother, tighter, more radiant skin.

LED Light Therapy can help with a range of skin problems from anti-aging to acne and cellulite. Light therapy can also help with acne scars and stretch marks. Aside from skin problems, LED light therapy also soothes sore muscles, relieves chronic pain and stiffness and increases circulation. Infrared light therapy promotes collagen and elastin production. Several treatments are recommended for maximum results.

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Aesthetics MedSpa Led Light Therapy